Business mentoring

Could relationship issues be preventing your business from thriving? One of the biggest potential challenges that any organisation may face is effectively managing relationship issues within its workforce. Why? The negative impact can be detrimental to success.

I work with you to enhance your business, empower your employees and help alleviate stress in the workplace.

Client Matters is not about training or coaching. What I do is work with you and your employees, through face-to-face mentoring, to find out what makes everyone tick. I boost morale, help them understand how to communicate and deal with their peers and your clients in a more direct, productive and honest way, and offer grounded advice on general business issues. I can change their working lives and turn promising employees into star performers. I will motivate your employees away from their remuneration issues, empower them, nurture them, listen to their problems and ultimately give you and your staff the tools to deal with the everyday stresses and strains of the work place.

A long-term business relationship most often stems from the ability of your staff to engage with your clients in a direct and grown-up fashion and internally with their peers to work as a team. Mentoring not only increases morale but offers your people the chance to talk to someone independently about their work…I have found over and over again that this form of mentoring increases conversation, productivity and makes a difference to your bottom line.