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What I am passionate about

Communication is critical in every relationship, personal or professional. But we’ve stopped talking. We email, text, WhatsApp, send messages via apps like Slack, where we ‘like’, ‘comment’ or otherwise ‘engage’ with… but we’ve stopped actually talking and the art of conversation is dying!

In business, this is having a massive impact on the relationships employees and management hold and creating a plethora of unnecessary issues. These issues could easily be remedied if we stopped hiding behind technology and using it to do the talking for us. This is also true when it comes to Client relationships. How do you maintain a robust client list with long term relationships without a deeper understanding of each other?

Business success is often attributed to the workforce. Without the committed staff that keep the cogs turning, most businesses would fail to thrive and without the ability to thrive, most would cease to be. But in this modern business world, the pace is faster than ever and expectations far higher than they once were. Pressures and competition like the business landscape is higher than ever and keeping both staff and client happy can be quite a challenge.

One of the biggest hurdles is understanding what a good relationship looks like to each individual and client. One person’s happiness looks very different to another’s, and understanding those needs may seem quite a task and even more so the larger your business is and the more clients you have. But it needn’t be. The easiest way is to listen. Most people want to feel they have a voice in the organisation they work for and all clients want to feel they have been really listened to….everyone wants to be heard.

I am the owner of Client Matters,  a Business that works with entrepreneurs, business owners, senior management teams and their staff to get the best out of all their business practices from employee culture and well-being to business growth and development.