Alex came into my office to ask about a client she was representing and within minutes we clicked, I realised she could help me and bring something different to the way I look at things. She took time to understand my business and how I was looking to grow and provided valuable and insightful input.

She is always there if I have a question and is very supportive in helping me achieve where I need to get too. She provides me with a sounding board and openly shares her own business and life experiences. If she believes I am doing something detrimental in any way, she will pick up on it immediately and not hold back.

She is exactly the mentor I was looking for and I would recommend Alex to anyone who needs an honest account for where they are going in their business and support in getting there.

Steve Wayne

Owner, Benjamin Stevens Estate Agents

I originally met Alex when I was looking at ways of increasing the number of intermediaries who regularly introduced new clients to our law firm.

Alex spent time with my partners and I finding out how we operate and what our target markets are. She then devised a plan to enable us to determine why our current introducers recommend us to their clients and what we had to do to improve those relationships.

She took this information to our target market and has been instrumental in helping us to secure a number of new introducers. The by-product of the process has been that she has enabled us to further cement our relationships with our existing introducers, who are now providing us with more business than they did before.

By taking the time to get to know us as individuals, what we do as a business and most importantly what we do well as a business, Alex has been able to assist us with our plans for the growth of the practice. We hope that we will continue to work with her in the future and we would have no hesitation in recommending her to any business that wants to increase their turnover through targeted marketing.

Simon Shaffler

Managing Partner, Moerans Solicitors

Getting someone else to interview my clients to determine their satisfaction levels initially felt uncomfortable. We had strong relationships with our clients so I was unsure if this was a service we needed. However, we’d recently absorbed a small digital agency and I thought this would prove to be a good opportunity to work with Client Matters.

The feedback we received proved to be invaluable. We gained an insight into areas we were performing well in, as well as the issues that needed greater attention. The best feedback came from the client saying that they thought the whole process had been of great benefit.

We worked with Alex for a number of months and I have total confidence in her ability to deal with delicate matters as well as having the business nous to ask the right questions at the right times. If I had to sum up Client Matter’s service in one way it would have to be:

Alex asks the questions you’re too scared to ask but need to know.

Stephen Fox

Managing Director, FKC

Alexandra is an enthusiastic professional, with ideas outside the box that can drive a business forward. She is a pleasure to work with and has boundless energy that is infectious. Her understanding of business is extensive and she applies this to every project/client.

Lisa Boujenah

Business Development and Growth Specialist

I’ve known Alex for nearly 20 years and frankly she is one of those people you are glad to have known for so long. Not only does she know her subject completely, she executes it with razor sharp diligence and dedication. Anybody hiring Alex will get far more than they are paying for. She always over delivers, but beware you will get told the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Stephen Fox

Owner, FKC

I’ve known Alex for a number of years and she is a terrific business woman when it comes to relationship building. She is incredibly supportive, motivating and empathetic. Everything you need in a great mentor. She combines years of invaluable experience with her unique passion for people and enabling better performance from those she works with. Try her out.

Paul Burns

The Burns Unit tlc. Award winning Training for Communication Agencies & Marketing Depts.

I have known Alex since 1999 as both a family friend and a business mentor. She helped me personally deal with “work burnout” and was responsible for implementing changes in my business, which to this day has allowed me to understand what work – life balance really is. I still continue to consult Alex on business and personal matters and I have always found her to be direct, honest, trustworthy, forthright and sometimes brutal, but this is what I know is required if you are going to learn and be able to accept fault, failures and success. She is supportive, empathetic and combines a passion for people with a passion for business. Sometimes you can even ask her to do the things you do not want to do as a business owner! I am just launching a new business and I’m grateful to have her by my side.

Edward Buckwald

CEO & Founder, Canamis Life & Health Ltd

This is my first ever testimonial and I wanted it to be about someone whom I admire and respect both as an inspirational leader and now as a friend. I’ve known Alex for many years as a client, a colleague and as a mentor. She is wonderfully supportive, totally empathetic and completely non-judgemental. She is a perfect mentor for someone who actually wants to hear the truth and then be given the best advice. I know this from personal experience and I am incredibly grateful to her. She combines her unique passion for business and her direct approach to people, with her zest for life. She can be hard hitting sometimes but if you want to move on, get ahead, learn how to enjoy your work and understand how to build better relationships with your colleagues, Alex is the one to help you.

Peter Chalcraft

Director, Berkshire Asset Management

Alex has supported a number of key members from this organisation via business mentoring. Through her unorthodox approach (which is very direct and honest) she has been able to offer different ways and styles of dealing with issues both simple and complex with regards to internal relationship management.  She has also helped in the transition of a senior member of staff into a director role. She has been unbelievably supportive and dealt with some seriously tricky stuff, both personally and professionally and continues to do so. Her empathy is palpable!

Alex’s insights and advice have made a profound difference to my relationships with both internal colleagues and external suppliers. I have received several pieces of feedback about the positive difference working with Alex has made. As a result of our sessions together I feel much more aware of the areas to focus on to develop my career further and confident in my ability to do so.

Guy Southam

Head of Digital and Data Strategy, Freesat

I came to Alex when my ‘services’ were being well received by an impressive client list that I’d grown myself, however, I needed direction on how to get in front of more of the right people to widen my scope of work inside large organisations.

Alex instilled confidence in me from the start, as a business owner as well as giving me very specific ways of communicating with a positive impact. She helped me understand the questions I need to ask clients which in turn helped them work out what they actually required.
She stops me wasting my time with people who aren’t decision makers and encourages me to know my worth and not give things away for free. She has helped me follow-up with people when I was concerned about appearing ‘too pushy’ and this has led to very positive results, particularly with Channel 4.
Alex has changed the way I think about working with clients and has introduced a culture into my business where asking for referrals is not alien! She has helped me ask and get clients to produce case studies about the work we’ve done and the impact we’ve had.
I really enjoy working with Alex because she is direct, honest, confident, upbeat and really believes in what The Talent Keeper Specialists are doing. I think the biggest compliment I can give her is by asking her to become my Non Exec Director.

Jessica Chivas

CEO, The Talent Keeper Specialists & Author "Mothers Work!"

Alex came to support Rett UK as a consultant on a number of high end events to help with the planning, guest list and auction prizes. Alex has obviously had a wealth of experience in such events and provided invaluable advice and expertise. She was able to secure a number of ‘money can’t buy’ auction prizes and helped to raise awareness of Rett syndrome and Rett UK along the way. She also managed to secure donations from contacts with little or no knowledge of Rett syndrome who were unable to attend.

Alex’s friendly but no nonsense approach meant we were able to achieve objectives more efficiently and in a quicker time frame, using her considerable networking skills to introduce potential new donors and supporters to Rett UK.

As Alex began to work with the charity and learn more about the people Rett syndrome affects, she was visibly moved by their plight and has now become a champion of our cause.

From a personal perspective Alex has acted as a mentor for me, helping to develop my skills and confidence. I hope to continue to work with Alex in the future and would highly recommend her to anyone.
Text RETT01 £5 to 70070 to help support families affected by Rett syndrome
Become a member of Rett UK, join for free online at http://dld.bz/Apvy

Stephanie Mitchell

Fundraising Manager, Rett UK

I met Alex at a networking meeting and was fascinated by her client relationship product. Whilst that wasn’t suitable for my business, I wondered if her can-do character and mentoring skills could help me over a short period of time to launch an innovative new product and identify my own personal hang-ups which were preventing my company moving forward.

Alex quickly understood the challenges that I was facing and helped guide me to a solution. She took time to understand my vision and product, and wasn’t shy about picking up the phone and speaking with potential clients. I am a headstrong character and she was extremely adept at getting me to where I wanted to be without pressing the wrong buttons. In fact, by the end of the project she had identified that it wasn’t hang-ups that were holding me back but the lack of tools to support me. Problem corrected, and a confidence boost from Alex that has changed my outlook immeasurably!

Alex provided me with a sounding board for new ideas and openly shared her own business and life experiences. Whilst I valued the contributions that she made on this project, I look forward to working with her again as my business grows and moves to the next stage.

Hayley Lehmann

Pics Checkout Ltd

I am the GP Principal of a doctors surgery in North London. I have known Alex for quite a few years and I originally asked her if Client Matters could help me in the facilitation of our in house practice policy training. Not only did Alex help me but she ran the entire session very successfully.

She was able to absorb huge amounts of general practice material and made it user friendly and tailored it to the practice. She covered 18 protocols and procedures and kept the staff interested in all the subject areas relating them to everyday activity in the practice. The staff were able to make valuable contributions during the 3 hour session and express their own experiences with patients, doctors, hospitals etc. The session required the attendance of not only the staff but also the lead GP and the Practice Manager which could have made it more difficult for the staff to interact.

However, Alex created a relaxed atmosphere which made my staff open up and feel valued. The feedback has been very positve and the change in their performance since the session has visibly improved. I would certainly recommend this type of facilitation to other practices and intend to conduct these sessions yearly.

Dr Ijeoma Ukachukwu

GP Principal

I initially engaged with Alexandra to draw upon her mentoring skills for my son as he works towards his goal of being a professional racing driver. Not only was she able to provide well thought out and considered guidance to him and how he interacts with potential sponsors she also accompanied us to sponsor meetings and helped with the relationship in a direct, open and productive manner. I find Alexandra to be able to empathetically cut to the chase with business owners and quickly build a good rapport with positive results.

John Bearman

Senior Technology Leader and Change & Transformation Manager

Alex is a wonderful person to work with, both easy to talk to and happy to get straight to the point when needed. The sessions that I had with her were incredibly transformative. I’ve noticed the relationships I have with my colleagues have gotten even better as a result of highlighting areas in my communication skills that could be improved, whilst also providing me with the tools to do so. She also helped me to recognise certain areas of my day to day activities that were causing me to feel overwhelmed and get them all under control. I have a number of career related activities that I do outside of work, and by helping to properly separate these out from work, I’m now feeling more in control everything. I have come away from the sessions feeling more confident, with an improved ability to manage and organise myself. I’m feeling more motivated with both my work in the company and my additional side projects. I can recommend Alex to anyone looking to improve all aspects of their working relationships (and non-working) and increase their overall productivity.

Mike Masey

Web Developer, Yoyo Design Ltd

I have known Alex for a few years as a friend but formerly as a business mentor. She helped me deal with the challenges I faced as a young audiologist with my own practice. She worked with me on my business and personal matters and I have found her to be direct, honest, trustworthy, forthright and always very caring. She is supportive, empathetic and has an uncanny way with people. She built my confidence up and helped me realise I never had to apologise for my youth in what is commonly seen as much older persons occupation. My business has grown over the years and I attribute some of this to Alex. I would say every business needs an Alex now and then.

Leon Cox

Audiologist , Chalfont Hearing Centre

I have known Alexandra for many years in a work capacity but also as long standing friend. I engaged with her recently to draw upon her mentoring skills for my business to help make some needed changes. She was able to provide me with an objective opinion and a well thought out and considered response. As always, she was direct, open and honest; helping me cut through the issues to return my business environment to its usual happy and productive state.

Gill Green

Owner, Touchstone

Alex is a wonderful mentor. She’s an excellent blend straight-talking and directness with a sensitive, genuine kindness. When stepping up into a director role Alex supported me to grow with confidence and flourish. I highly recommend her.

Jennifer Elworthy

Marketing and Communications Leader

Alex has been an invaluable support to both our organisation and myself personally. She has the ability to quickly and astutely understand a business and its objectives as well as the attributes and needs of staff. I have worked with Alexandra on multiple activities in the past focusing on staff development and strategic coaching. She is very thorough in understanding the needs of the organisation and individuals she is working with and her personal approach is a real strength. I would credit Alex with having played a significant role in laying the foundations for significant cultural change in our organisation and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to develop their staff’s mentality, motivation and confidence.

Liam Hope

Director of Engagement at Sports Leaders, Sports Leaders

I employed Alex originally to coach myself, but it became apparent that I was under-using her skills and so she soon started working with my entire senior management team. She has improved our business in so many different ways, through leadership training, improving our professional relationships and helping us all communicate more effectively with one another. Her commercial nous, straight-talking manner and brilliant sense of humour means that our team love working with her and get so much out of each session. Highly recommend Alex to anyone needing to supercharge themselves or their teams. 

Jenny Kitchen

Managing Director, Yoyo Design

From my first meeting with Client Matters, Alex immediately understood the challenges that I was facing as a new business. She took time to understand my vision and how I was looking to grow the business and provided valuable and insightful input.

Alex provides me with a sounding board for new ideas and openly shares her own business and life experiences. I value the contributions that she makes and look forward to working with her as my business grows.

Jane Golding

Purple Star HR

Alex from Client Matters worked collaboratively with our client services team helping them evaluate our current client relationships and to create a client development strategy which was presented at our annual company meeting.

Always enthusiastic and motivating to be around, Alex’s experience in life and business is very inspirational.

The time she spent with our account managers was very valuable.

Stuart Bradbury

Managing Partner, AVANTGARDE

We very much enjoyed working with Alexandra – she managed to uncover things that were working well with our clients, and of course areas for improvement. Importantly, as a result of deploying her services, our clients felt more reassured that areas that were in need of development were being highlighted and subsequent action was being taken to address any issues.

Her conversational and bubbly personality certainly helped clients to ‘open up’ to her.

For anyone with a service business partnership I couldn’t recommend Alexandra highly enough.

Tristan Connell

Managing Director, The Bank

It never ceases to amaze me how brilliantly Alexandra manages to build a strong rapport with everyone she meets. Alexandra has an uncanny ability to make people feel relaxed and at ease, even when discussing important or delicate business matters. Alexandra is the consummate client relationship director, always managing to handle the broadest of personalities. I would always recommend Alexandra for any client development or relationship role.

Adam Hall

Head of Google Partners Americas, Google

Alex is a fabulous mentor and coach. She quickly builds a strong rapport – getting to know you and understand what you want to focus on and improve upon. She partners with you efficiently to identify your development areas and how she can help you build strength, confidence and resilience. She is honest, direct, no-nonsense and fair. She is usually right! She is constructive and supportive. Working with her over a number of sessions can help you get to where you want to be.

Sam Payne

Senoir HR Business Partner, LGIM

Insightful and helpful, Alex has helped us create a process here at Accelerate that not only helps us find and bring in new client leads, but retain old clients and relationships and understand why they have been retained, so that we continue to grow and evolve, month on month, year on year.

Joel Newman

Owner, Accelerate PR

I’ve known Alex for many years both as a colleague and as a great friend. She is wonderfully supportive, has an unbelievable understanding for people’s needs and is empathetic. She is what anyone would want in a great mentor. She combines years of experience with her unique passion for life and her direct approach to people is enabling, albeit hard hitting sometimes – you will always get the truth which will enhance your performance. It is my pleasure to write a testimonial for her.

Heidi Harris

HR Manager, Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT)

Alex offers no nonsense, direct advice on developing and building client relationships. She had some great tools and techniques for making the most out of conversations with prospects that we have put into practice successfully.

I have worked with Alex for around 10 years during which time Alex has done several hundred client referencing and satisfaction interviews on projects for our clients. Alex is a first class interviewer: relentless in finding the right person and getting them to agree to speak, empathetic on the phone when building rapport and trust, and insightful in her conclusions from the calls. I can count several millions of pounds of benefits to clients from acting differently as a result of Alex’s findings. I recommend Alex very highly.

Steve Hacking

Managing Partner, Latitude Partners Ltd

Alex is a first class business mentor who is highly skilled and highly experienced. Having someone of Alex’s calibre on board should be a prerequisite, not a privilege, for any business with serious aspirations to take a culture-first approach to how they run their organisation.

James Forage

Chief Technology Officer, Yoyo Design

I have worked with Alex twice and I consider her a friend as well as a mentor. She cuts through issues with a razor sharp knife while at the same time making you feel at ease – her empathy is boundless.

Alex’s no nonsense approach will help you and your team develop their communication skills, have more effective meetings and approach challenging situations head on to generate positive outcomes. An investment in Alex’s mentoring sessions will repay itself several times over in driving better business performance.

Guy Southam

Director, Advanced Advertising and Data at Liberty Global

I recently had the pleasure of working with Alex through a relationship management research project commissioned by my organisation. My initial impression of Alex was that she is extremely knowledgeable, straight talking, passionate about her work and someone who I could learn a lot from. In addition to finding her initial work to be highly beneficial to the organisation, I also felt that Alex could assist me in developing my approach to relationship management through a mentoring role. After becoming a Director of the organisation I had highlighted a personal need for development in how I manage relationships with key stakeholders to help drive the organisation towards its strategic aims.

It has become apparent that my initial impression of Alex was correct. She has been a fantastic mentor and approaches all aspects of our work with a passion and belief that is admirable. She has positively challenged many aspects of my approach to being a Director and the relationships that are required to be successful in this role. Her experience in business and her ability to listen and facilitate learning has enabled me to evaluate and adapt my approach as a Director. I feel in a short time her input is ensuring that my contributions to the organisation are more effective through being more purposeful and strategic in my relationships around the business. Although some of the changes to my approach have been marginal, I feel that these changes will in the future reap rewards for the organisation and myself. She has been invaluable as a mentor and I would recommend her work to anyone who feels that a positive change is required to continue their personal development within a Management role.

Lucy Supperstone

Awards & Qualifications Director, Sports Leaders UK