Alexandra Lichtenfeld – a business consultant and relationship management motivational mentor

I am a people-focused business woman with a common sense approach that is based on a wealth of experience in major corporates and agencies across a variety of business sectors over the last 30 plus years.

From my 15 years of working for Cellnet/BTCellnet and O2, my role as director of a leading new business development agency and then as managing director at Teeming, I have a unique insight into how and why both client and internal relationships can decline because of a breakdown in essential day to day conversations. I firmly believe relationship building is essential for any business development growth and planning and is at the heart of any employee business culture.

I am an advocate for mental health and well-being in the workplace and believe that internal relationship building and understanding  the people around you will make a difference both to the happiness of a workforce and their productivity. I have seen how empathy in the workplace can enable employees to increase productivity at every level. Over the years I have developed a very direct approach to this via mentoring employees from business owners, senior executives and their direct reports to junior members of staff on relationship management, to help them achieve their goals. In doing so, senior executives gain the language necessary to enhance internal relationships within their specific teams which will ultimately help the business grow and junior employees learn how to converse better and understand situations and nuances.

Experience has shown me that relationship management is somewhat lacking and the ability to engage in positive and constructive communication via conversation almost non existent. There has been a slight shift due to COVID 19, where text/email/whatsApp/Slack have been used more appropriately, however there remains a gap in the understanding and nurturing of employees through conversation! I have spent the last 8 years honing in on this very subject ‘the art of talking’ and ‘relationship building’ – this is what I practice when mentoring business owners, their SMT’s and staff.  Improving business culture is at the heart of what I do, through leadership training, improving professional relationships and helping everyone to communicate more effectively with one another.

Ask any one of my clients and they will tell you the key to my success:

“Alex starts a conversation by asking some of the questions you are too scared to ask your clients or your employees in a very direct but empathetic way and always with the interests of your business at heart…and these are the question you absolutely need to know the answers to”